PLEASE READ: I'm baaaaaack!

Hello everyone!

I've been gone for about two years now. It's been a stressful past two years. I miss writing joshayley fanfiction to be honest. Sooooo, MAYBE…

Another Miracle, Please? Part 9.

OH MY GOODNESS, i know it's been forever. please please forgive me :( if you checked my last post, you'll know why i haven't been…

do any of you guys remember me?

hey guys! i'm sorry i haven't been on, a lot has been going on the past months :( first off, it's the start of freshman year.  second…

Another Miracle, Please? Part 8.

wooooop, four updates in one day! Hopefully you guys like it. :))) I sat there, tracing her cheekbone to her chin, down to her collarbone. Watching…

Another Miracle, Please? Part 7.

all of you lovely people deserved another update. you guys rock! thanks so much for the feedback. sidenote: if you would like me to check out…

Another Miracle, Please? Part 6.

like I said, I was going to double update! Well, It is now 20 to 4 am. so I shall be heading off and sleeping…

Another Miracle, Please? Part 5.

Sorry for not updating in so so so long! I've been extremely busy planning out a graduation party, and on top of it all, I…

Another Miracle, Please? Part 4.

Josh hesitated, walking slowly into her room. He noticed the heart monitor hooked up to her. He watched her chest rise and fall with every…

I Wouldn't Mind. Joshayley One Shot.

This was a quick one-shot I thought of while listening to "I Wouldn't Mind" by He is We. I've become obsessed with this song recently…

Another Miracle, Please? Part 3.

oh my god i feel horrible. i'm finally back! school is over! so that means i can update much more and makeup for not posting…

Another Miracle, Please? Part 2.

I'm so sorry for not posting anything! If you check my last blog, you'll know why. But I'm updating this for now until I get…

I'm sorry.

Hey everyone, I know I haven't posted in 2 weeks now, but unfortunetly, my friend was hit by a van on Thursday last week. This…
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I love paramore.
hayley Williams is my idol.
I met them 8-8-10. I even met Zac and Josh :)
hopefully I'll write some good stories, tell me whatcha think :)

so, i love a lot of bands; i will have to post them all later. :)


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